Flower Delivery in Thawi Watthana, Bangkok

Thawi Watthana is a district in the far north west of metropolitan Bangkok, bordering Nonthaburi province to the north and Nakhon Pathom province to the west. It is approximately 25kms from the heart of downtown Bangkok and approximately 20kms from our award winning, flagship Bangkok flower shop. Thawi Watthana comprises of two khwaeng or subdistricts as they are known in English, which include: Thawi Watthana and Sala Thammasop. The most notable street in this district is Aksa Road, also known as Utthayan Road, is a beautifully decorated avenue with Hongs attached to the street lights its full length, which covers almost 4kms.

Forever Florist Thailand have been delivering fresh flowers and gifts to Thawi Watthana for over 15 years. Whilst the area is semi rural being located on the edge of the metropolitan Bangkok area, we continue to have regular deliveries to many of the residential addresses located here. You can place your order directly through our web site for delivery to Thawi Watthana, however if you have any questions before ordering, we are here to assist in Thai or English. Please use our web site live chat, call us on +66 0 2 001 5040 or email us: sales@forever-florist-thailand.com

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